A Letter To My 8-year-old Self

After reading Bad-Ass Writing Prompts To Kick-Start A More Creative 2016 by Jen Anderson. I’ve decided to give one of her prompts a try.

So, this is what the future looks like, boy.

January 10, 2016.

Dear 8-year-old Wilman,

I’m writing you this letter from when you are 25-year-old. You have learned so much in 17 years. I just want to give you some advice, man-to-man. For if you do as I say, you can probably change your future self into a better person.

1. Love Your Family

Know that you have many family members compared to your friends and you’re the youngest son. Your brothers and sister who like bullying you or you got fight with will later get married and have children. And your parents will be grandparents. They will get older and they will start developping health issues like high blood sugar levels, cholesterol, etc. They may not be as agile as they are now, but thank God they will still be fine. So love them with all your heart and don’t be such a crybaby.

2. Write Down Your Friend’s Name And Surname

I know you don’t like school and you’re like in 2nd grade now. I know you did a really bad thing in class but that’s okay. People make mistakes and they move on.

Regardless of that, you have friends now. Some of them are bullies you don’t want to mess with but some of them are very nice, in a humble way a kid may be. Write down their names and Surnames and make them write down yours too. In the future they will have a thing called Facebook. If you’re lucky enough your friends will be on that “thing” too so you can catch up on them.

3. Get Into A Fight With Someone

You really hate conflicts you barely want to fightback when someone abuses or bully you. Fightback now! Get into a school fight or something (just make sure you don’t kill the guy you fight with). It will make you (and also the guy) learn a thing or two.

4. Don’t Let Yourself Hold Your Imagination

You might not understand this now, but later on when you’re much older, you will know that this is the thing the world needs. Do not forget what you want. Do not stop imagining things.

Because first, you haven’t got married and got any children yet in your 25th (I’m sorry to inform you that). But you’ll have nieces and nephews. Your imagination that you didn’t forget will help you understand them better, therefore making them more comfortable to spend time with you while encouraging them to do the same.

And second, whatever your imagination is, trust me, in the future, you can make it possible.

PS : In about 2 years from when you read this letter, you’ll get so bored with school you’ll be obsessed with getting sucked into the Digimon World. Well, later they will invent VR gaming and I think that’s kinda close. So don’t stop dreaming!

So that’s my advice for you, young man. You will experience and do things. Some of them will be awesome, some of them will be depressing. There will be ups and downs like a roller coaster. It’s fun so your grown self here ain’t gonna stop ridin’ it!

Oh, I’ve got a letter to write to our 15-year old and 20-year-old self so, bye.

Best regards,

25-year-old you.


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